“Why engineering students sleep in class”

If you are an engineering student studying in India,you would have really felt this is true when it comes to you.Even if you haven’t experienced it,you might have noticed it around you.Here we put up some points on why we think students sleep in an  engineering class.

1.Lack of interactive sessions between students and teachers:

As of my experience from engineering class, I think this factor is one of the aptest for this topic.

Engineering time table is just like any other school or pre-university college timetable, there is no separate time allotted for interaction between the lecturer and the students.

Scene: A frustrated lecturer who has been teaching the same subject for past few days, enters the class, takes out his attendance sheet and reads out the name one after the other.He/She takes sometimes as long as 20 minutes for calling out the attendance(Afterall there are 70 to 80 students in a single class).This is the only time interaction is happening between the students and the teacher.Rest of the time the teacher is busy teaching and the student is busy sleeping :-P.


  • Time should be allotted for interaction during every hour.
  • Decrease the strength of students in each class.

2.Lecturers fail to give real life examples.

A concept is well understood when you give real life examples.

Lecturers fail to give real life examples either because they are running out of time or don’t know themselves.


  • Simple, Lecturers need to give real life examples.

3.Most of the students are studying not by wish but rather by force.

Being an engineering student personally, I have seen/heard few of my classmates who had joined the course because their parents wanted them to.

In India, people value you only if you are a doctor or an engineer(MYTH!).


  • Parent should find out their kid’s passion.
  • Career guidance should be given to students during high school and pre-university colleges.

4.Institutions doesn’t let students use gadgets.

Indian education system should welcome 21st century,the way other countries did.Students are still not allowed to use laptops and mobile phones during class hour,reasons may be many but all centers around only few serious words“They can use Social networking sites”(in fact they use it anyway).Truly It will be a very different experience for students if they are able to apply science during learning with the use of gadgets and Make sense to everything they learn.For instance:Journalists present at the press conferences use writing pads,laptops or tablets to note down stuff.

CAUTION:However,Gadgets can be used productively or can be misused.Student really interested  in the subject will make proper use of it.The teacher will have to make sure students make a proper use of it.

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Do you have any points you think should have been added to this? Leave a comment and let us know.


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